A multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning piano...

Everyone learns differently.  As a nurse and as a mom, I am fascinated with how children learn.  I work hard to make sure that as many concepts as possible are taught with a multisensory approach in a low stress, positive environment. This is done at the bench and off the piano bench.

This means I create an individual learning plan per student that focuses on their particular learning style.  Some children use movement or touch to understand concepts.  Other need to "see" a visual representation of the concepts and others need to "hear" to understand.  With the parent's help, I try to understand how your child learns the best.  Most children use all of their senses to learn but some are more visual, or auditory, etc.  I try as many types of approaches as necessary to help the child feel confident with the concepts being taught.  True understanding increases confidence which then promotes lifelong retention and skills.

I encourage long term learning and retention through my student TA program. When your student has the confidence and ability necessary, I have them help teach at monthly group class. Nothing cements concepts as much as having to teach it. 

My studio's structure is mostly geared towards young children and elementary aged students though I do teach all ages and the average student.  I have especially enjoyed working with nontraditional students such as those with dyslexia, autism, PDD NOS, sensory issues, Down's Syndrome, and the more common learning disability of ADHD or ADD.   

The traditional lesson isn't always the most effective approach or a good fit for every child so I offer a few different program options along with a traditional 30 minute weekly lesson.  Call or email me and we can discuss the possibilities.  :o)