As you've noticed, there are a lot of piano teachers in Utah. I joke that you can't go to a public place like a store without tripping over one. :o) 

First: The following link is a great article explaining whether or not your child might be ready for music lessons


If you have reached the point where you already know they are then please consider the following.  :o)

Each family has distinct personalities and needs so to help you determine if I am a good match for you and your family please click on any of the following links located above, (My studio: A Multisensory Approach to Music; or  About Me ), for more details but to summarize my studio, it has four main goals.......

1- To help you and your child determine how serious your student is in regard to learning the piano. It takes most children a minimum of 4 to 5 years before they have enough experience and music background to help them decide if they would like to study the piano long term. I teach with the idea of helping them and you discover if they have this desire.  I keep lessons low key, have monthly group class, and offer a Piano Camp in December while we decide together whether or not this is where they would like to focus their energy.  

2- Financially Supportive for Families I intentionally keep my prices manageable. From a financial stand point you save on lessons until you and your child know without a shadow of a doubt how serious they want to take piano. :o) I also maintain limited barter slots for financially needy families.

3- Multi-Sensory Teaching which is great for all types of students. Students who.....

*Have various learning styles, (tactile, kinesthetic, visual spacial, etc.)

*Struggle with self confidence or anxiety

*Have a learning disability

*Are elementary school aged or younger, (though I do teach all ages).

*Or are the average, “traditional” beginning or intermediate leveled student

4- To teach the child, not a methodology or with a set approach. This is why I teach group classes and a few private lessons since some children excel in groups and others do not. 

If you feel from reading this and other pages on my website that I am not a good fit for your family then the following Google Document lists some other local piano teachers.