Since my background is in Nursing and I am fascinated with science and how we learn, I LOVE working with Special Needs students.

I have worked with Autistic, Down's Syndrome, Dyslexia, OD, ADHD, ADD, and William's Syndrome.  

For severe LD students, those with processing issues, or some visual disabilities; I am happy to announce that there is a piano method that has been created for them and has been used with success in Finland and Great Britain.  It is called Figure Notes!  This method helps them to be able to eventual read music written on staves, (or otherwise known as the Grand Staff).  It is is a new methodology  that was created in 2009 in Finland and I am excited to be implementing it in my studio!  

The LD student needs to be able to identify the following shapes, circle, square, triangle, and an X.  They also need to be able to recognize the difference between red, brown, grey, blue, yellow, black, and green.  I admit to not having adapted it yet to color blind students but my research show that this too is possible.  :)